Who we are

In dogs genetics leaves a sign, as in humans; I am sure of that.
In the 1970’s before I received my hunting license my granddad, whom I followed in his hunting days since I was a kid, gave me a pointer puppy, as a gift. Then an English Setter "Del Sole". We lived together between ravines and "real" Grey Partridge: in those moments I had the conception that Setters were entering my DNA. In the beginning I was fond of both dogs, but I would soon understand that the Setter had prevailed from that day fourth, with the founding of "Dei Laderchi" breeding. This began my quest for a morpho-functional typology of a dog, aesthetically appealing, and very class field action. I have to say I am pleased with my job until now, but I am never completely dissatisfied because setter enters your soul, and the better will always be the next one.

I have decided to place my granddad's picture here because he has been the person who made this great passion of mine bloom inside of me.

Roberto De Giovanni

Setter Dei Laderchi

Every working-dog breeder aims and dreams to have a beautiful and smart dog, but notoriously this is not easy and many people are not able to reach this target. Some breeders tend to focus solely either on the beauty or on the work side of the animal and they denigrate who tries to work on both the aspects. Nevertheless they don't understand that in such a way they are denigrating their own job since the worst thing a breeder can do to a breed/race is creating two of them.

Only a few people are able to develop both the characteristics which means growing continuously beautiful dogs having at the same time great natural skills and a style tipical of their breed. Obviously these dogs cannot be perfect but they are peculiar, they have a positive behaviour on the ground and they are good breeders.

Roberto De Giovanni (called Robertone by his friends) deserves to be included among these few smart dog breeders. As a matter of fact he has selected and raised for thirty years excellent dogs belonging to the "Dei Laderchi" breed; today, their blood can be found in many first-class dogs for beauty and working characteristics. Anyone can verify this statement inside selection books but what we do care most is these dogs' meeting and decision ease (we are actually at ease in woods or calanchi rather than in rings or trials).

Is it a "Robertone", isn't it? This is what people, astonished, usually ask us after seeing a spectacular action in the countryside or in training grounds. In truth it is more than a question, it is a statement since it is easy to identify a "Dei Laderchi" dog thanks to its look, persistence and style!

Prof. Giorgio Zauli